5 tips to facing work after your holidays

Reading time: 2min

If you are back to work, but you already miss those days of tranquility, we give you some suggestions to extend the energy of your holidays and the summer, and let it influence your return to work.

  • First week of work

Keep making plans. Arrange a lunch or a drink at the end of the day with a friend and keep the interest in exploring, this time, your own city.

Plan on discovering different places, such as trying a new restaurant. This way, you are able to smooth the impact of the first week of work.

  • Plan your return

One of the things you can do is return one or two days earlier from your holidays, before you start working, so you can have time to organize everything. We also recommend you not to schedule anything importante, specially for the first day, so you can absorb all the information and recover from your absence.

  • Take more breaks

Whether al lunch or in other times of the day, take that time to go out, enjoy the natural light and move a little.

  • Face problems as if for the first time

Even if you know them as the back of your hands. Try to find new perspectives and approaches, move away from the problema or ask the opinion of your team.

  • Your life is not only work

As suggested for the first week, it is important to have time for yourself. Keep making plans: go to the theatre, to a concert, to a workshop or enrol in a gym. Resist the temptation of the sofá and the blanket, dont be afraid of the rain, cold or the darker days, and run from the “home-work” routine.

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