6 bares you need to visit in Porto

After spending the day discovering monuments and the historical streets of Porto, after the sunset, Invicta wins a new dynamic, and the variety of offers for a night out will not leave you indifferent.

Full of history and traditions, Porto is a city that won’t be forgotten in your list of good memories!

With exciting nooks and corners, unique landscapes and iconic spots, the greatest city in the North of Portugal enchants tourists and locals as few do.

However, if you think that Porto is a city to enjoy only during the day, you are so mistaken! Much like the icing on a cake, Porto’s evenings bring out a new side of the city, full of fun, music and a lot – or better, even more – joy and good vibes.

With offers for every taste and style, we help you in that hard choice and give you 6 (almost) essential suggestions to visit in Porto, so you can end your day in a memorable way:

Plano B

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Where? Rua Cândido dos Reis, 30, Porto

Opening hours: Thursdays to Saturdays, 10.00 pm to 6.00 am

With an upper floor, decorated with big lounges that invite a good chat and 2 dance floors in the lower level, Plano B is one of the most popular bars of Porto’s downtown.

Famous for its theme parties and the variety of styles and crowds, the space used to be an art gallery and nowadays is the perfect spot for you to dance until morning – or until you run out of energy!

Bonaparte Foz

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Where?  Avenida do Brasil 130, Porto

Opening hours: Sundays to Thursdays, from 5.00 pm to 2.00 am; Fridays and Saturdays, from 5.00 pm to 3.00 am

Bonaparte Foz, an imperative classic, is almost a museum in terms of bars. With a history of more than 40 years, it is the oldest pub in the Invicta and a must go to bar.

With a vintage decor and strong inspiration in the British pubs, Bona, as it is also known, has a great location, right in front of Luz beach, in the Douro’s mouth.


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Where? Rua Gonçalo Sampaio, 282, Porto

Opening hours: Every day from 5.00 pm to midnight

Considered as a hidden gem in the city centre of Porto, the Onterrace bar is located at the HF Fénix Porto, right in the heart of Boavista.

A small haven in the middle of the city’s hustle, it is the perfect place to relax while trying a gin or one of the signature cocktails in the menu.

With a contemporary style, Onterrace has also a cosy terrace, which offers a great atmosphere to start the evening.


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Where? Passeio dos Clérigos, Rua das Carmelitas, 151, Porto

Opening hours: Sundays to Thursdays, from 10.30 am to 1.00 am; Fridays and Saturdays, from 10.30 am to 2.00 am

Seated on the grass, in puffs or wooden benches, Base invites long evenings of chatting in open air, with the music and the stars as company.

Right in the historical centre of Porto, Base has a bar/terrace concept at the Clérigos Tower garden, offering a variety of cocktails, gins or fresh juices and several olive trees that complete the scenario and combines it with history, nature and fun.


Where? Rua de Serralves, 124, Porto

Opening hours: Every day from 8.00 pm to 1.00 am

On the 15th floor of the HF Ipanema Park hotel, we can find one of the most famous rooftops in the city, the Ontop bar!

With a swimming pool (exclusive for guests) and a lounge bar (open also to locals), the Ontop opens its doors every day, sharing an incredible view over Invicta, where we can contemplate the city, the sea and the Douro river.

Matching the landscape and the good music, it has a menu with several cocktails, signature ones included, such as the famous Porto Passion, created by the barman Daniel Crespo.

Maus Hábitos

Where? Rua Passos Manuel, 178 – 4º, Porto

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays, from midday to 2.00 am; Fridays and Saturdays, from midday to 4.00 am; Sundays from midday to 4.00 pm

On the 4th floor of a building located in front of Coliseu do Porto, more than a bar or a café, Maus Hábitos is a centre of cultural intervention.

In a symbiosis between music, art and party, this space appeals to the senses of all its visitors. In a more experimental side of the evening, here you can find a variety of people and influences that make Maus Hábitos a unique and truly special place.

The offer of bars, pubs and all types of night spaces in Porto is endless. Whether downtown, in the mouth of the river or in the historical area, Invicta’s evening won’t let you down!

After a day walking and an evening full of emotions, you can find at the HF hotels the comfort and relaxing atmosphere you need to rest and recover your energy. Benefit from a late check-out (subject to availability) and feel ready for one more day in this addicting city!

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Kendrick Lamar fan went to Paris with HF Fénix Music

Damn Tour

André Silva, winner of the contest promoted by the HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal, went to the Paris Summer Jam, to watch the concert of Kendrick Lamar and shared with us his experience!

During July and August, a contest took place in the @hfhotels instagram, where the big winner would win a trip to Paris to watch Kendrick Lamar.

To win the contest, the participants just had to make the most original video replying to the question:

What are you willing to do to watch Kendrick Lamar in Paris?

After some and funny participations, the big winner, André Silva, was willing to swim there and we… gave him a (big) hand!

When André got the news, he couldn’t believe it and was only able to say: “Thank you very much!”

In a privileged spot, André was thrilled when he saw the artist hit the stage! “Highly exceeded expectations , it was great! I loved it! Thank you very much! I’m so happy!”

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If you like music, concerts and special experiences, stay tuned to HF Hotels’ social networks! The HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal have even more surprises in the next months.

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Portugal and Lisbon are the winners of Tourism “Oscars”!

Lisbon crossed the forefront of Europe’s Leading City Destinations, overcoming the other European metropolises and representing with distinction the country considered World’s Leading Destination – Portugal.

Lisbon | Europe’s Leading City Destination:

If doubts still existed about the giant dimension of our small capital, the distinction of Lisbon, on the 1st of July 2018, as Europe’s Leading City Destination by the World Travel Awards awarded the deserved spotlight to our capital.

Competing against cities such as Amsterdam, London, Paris or Berlin, Lisbon was the big winner in the “Europe’s Leading City Destination 2018”  category, but also in the “Europe’s Leading Cruise Port 2018” category, where it competed against cities of countries such as Turkey, Italy or Greece.

With its unique nooks and corners, whose magic can attract and fascinate both visitors and locals, Lisbon combines years of history and tradition with the constant commitment on innovation and technology.

A city that leaves no one indifferent, Lisbon is already part of the “Must Go” list of any travel lover! With many places worth visiting, we suggest you 15 things you can not miss in Lisbon!

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If you are planning to visit the Portuguese capital and still don’t have a place to stay, we would like to present you the HF hotels, located right in the heart of Lisbon.

Portugal | World’s Leading Destination:

Portugal is not only proud of Lisbon. The entire country is full of culture, customs and traditions, combined with some idyllic landscapes the nature has given us! Portugal isn’t just fado, football, Fátima and cod!

From the beaches to the mountains, with record-beating waves or many monuments considered as World Heritage by UNESCO, Portugal is a breath-taking country and the winner of the World Travel Awards in the “World’s Leading Destination 2018”  category.

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Throughout its territory, Portugal offers many recognised and awarded places and attractions. We should highlight, for instance, the Paiva Walkways , which were also awarded in this edition of the acclaimed tourism Oscars, that took place in Athens, having won in “Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Project 2018”  and “Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction 2018”  categories.

Paiva Walkways
Paiva Walkways

One characteristic of our country is also the unique hospitality and friendliness of the Portuguese people, who is also known by its original and funny typical expressions, being the Portuguese the 5th most widely spoken language in the world!

A reason of great pride to all Portuguese people, who do not doubt the potential of their country – so many good reasons why you should visit it. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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HF Fénix Music and Universal Music take Pearl Jam fan to Rome!


The winner of the contest
The winner of the contest

Joana Coelho, the winner of the contest held in June by the HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal, travelled to Rome to attend a Pearl Jam concert and shared her memorable experience with us!

If being at a Pearl Jam concert is already a dream for so many, having the opportunity to watch them at the Rome Olympic Stadium is to feel truly ALIVE, right?

Joana Coelho, the winner of the contest promoted by the HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal, which occurred in June and had more than 1000 participations, can confirm it.

Among the many entries received, Joana’s creativity stood out:

“If there is a hotel that deserves to welcome Pearl Jam it’s the HF Fénix Music! I would imagine meeting them at the Rooftop Bar OnAir, where they would give a concert on a floating stage over the pool, which would be so emblematic that even Eduardo VII and Marquês de Pombal would attend! Jeremy would also be there and I would mumble that there was no Better Man! Finally, the Sirens would play and I would know it was the exit bell. But, I wouldn’t mind, because I would see them (A)live and in colour in Rome!”

Joana couldn’t believe when we announced the winner, “I’m sure this moment will be stored in my treasure box of happy memories forever!”.

The day of the trip came quickly and, with it, the unforgettable concert of the epic band PEARL JAM.

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With all her expectations exceeded and still speechless, Joana returned from Rome with a full heart and a story to tell and share: “many, many thanks for this unique opportunity! I’m so happy!”

So as to not leave out any participant, and since “creativity” was the keyword in every entry we received, the HF Fénix Music also gifted the 5 best sentences, besides the winner, 2 cocktails at the rooftop bar Onair.

If you weren’t one of the winners, don’t lose hope! The HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal have many surprises reserved for the upcoming months.

Keep an eye on our social networks and don’t miss the next opportunity!