The HF Fénix Music inaugurates the graffiti of artist Smile

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The HF Fénix Music invited artist Smile to make an intervention on one of the hotel’s spaces dedicated to concerts, and the result couldn’t have been more inspiring.

  • “Dream” at the HF Fénix Music

Since its opening, the hotel has always sought to promote the music theme. In 2018, and to celebrate the World Music Day (on the 1st of October), the idea of promoting the artistic language and the environment in the hotel came up.

To put this initiative to action, we’ve decided to invite a local artist. The idea was to “engrave” on a wall a local work of art from our community and from our city.

The graffiti can be found on floor -1 of HF Fénix Music, in the restaurant’s terrace. This area was designed to host concerts, providing our guests with live shows: it has great visibility, which serves as an inspiring “scenery” not only to those having breakfast, but also to those accommodated in rooms with views to the back of the hotel.

For this work, a special technique was used that allows the word “dream” to have a luminous effect at night, after being under solar exposure.

Because music is one of the few things in the world that brings cultures and people together, we sought to strengthen the message of a dream, universality and multiculturalism.

Come visit us and get to know this vibrant and inspiring space.

  • About the Artist

His name is Ivo Santos and he was born in Lisbon in 1985. His interest in design started at a very young age, encouraged by his mother. Through two of his cousins, this interest in art truly transformed into a passion.

In the 1990s, influenced by the movie Beat Street and the sounds of Vanilla Ice, Kriss Kross and MC Hammer, Ivo falls in love with the Hip Hop Culture, pursuing the art of graffiti.

In the beginning of the new millennium, he ventures for the first time into spray painting, with cans bought in a hardware store, using the alias  SMILE.

His national projection began in 2004 when, virtually unknown to the general public, he categorically won the Concurso de Graffiti de Oeiras (Oeiras Graffiti Competition), the most important competition at the time.

Two second places followed, in 2005 and 2006, firmly establishing his name in the Portuguese artistic elite. He became internationally known after winning a competition in Barcelona, competing against great names of international graffiti.

One of the highlights of his activity as a street artist was in 2013, when he portrayed a young man with a complicated medical history on the wall of a building in Loures, generating a media wave of solidarity in aid of the young boy. The wall of “Bartolo” will always be referenced as a case study of how street art can help solve social problems.

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For more information visit our website.

Teresa Vieira | 26 years of dedication to the HF Hotels

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Part of the HF Hotels family since 1992, Teresa Vieira – or Teresa to us – is currently the general housekeeper of the HF Ipanema Park and HF Ipanema Porto hotels.

Teresa was only 18 years old when she started working as a hotel and laundry maid in a hotel in Switzerland.

Later on, she returned to Portugal and discovered the HF Ipanema Park, the hotel that quickly became her new home.

She soon stood out thanks to her effort and commitment and, after only 6 months, she took the position of night housekeeper, a job she held for 13 years.

In 2005, she was invited to be the general housekeeper of the HF Ipanema Park hotel, a job she still carries out today!

“I love what I do, no doubt about it! There are some good days and some bad days, as in every other job, but I really love what I do.”

In her current role, Teresa assures us that every day is an adventure and that her daily work is never boring.

Because she’s been following the evolution of this industry over many years, Teresa mentions that the level of demand is increasingly higher.

“The client is more and more demanding and we to answer to that reality, we cannot fail!”

Teresa feels proud for achieving all the challenges she faces, together with her team of “girls”, as she warmly calls them.

“Every morning, I do a briefing with the girls to discuss the previous day, what went wrong, what we need to improve… Or to congratulate them, because there are many positive things in their work and I like to acknowledge them. To me, that recognition is very important!”

Every day, Teresa arrives an hour early to the hotel, to silently organise and focus on her work.

“I put the laundry machines working, organise the schedules and, afterwards, I just need to distribute the tasks among the team.”

The rest of the day is spent in the common areas, the rooms and even the swimming pool. Every day, she goes through the hotel’s many spaces, in order to control and guarantee that everything is in top condition, whether in terms of cleanliness or maintenance.

Always aiming to provide a service of excellence to the HF guests, since 2013 she is also general housekeeper of the HF Ipanema Porto hotel.

Thank you for your dedication Mrs. Vieira!

Visiting Porto or Lisbon with Cabify can be cheaper if you are a HF Hotels client

If you are staying at our hotels and you want to enjoy the most of your visit to Porto or Lisbon, the HF Hotels and Cabify give you a hand! You can benefit from discounts in your trips and visit the city in a cheaper and more comfortable way!

Discovering Porto or Lisbon and visiting – all – the most emblematic places should be part of your bucket list!

However, if you are staying in Porto or Lisbon for just a few days but would like to have a true experience in the city walking on the beach, have a drink downtown, visit historical monuments or shop,  you might not have time for all this.

With you in mind, the HF Hotels and Cabify joined together so you can explore the city, in a faster way.

If you choose to stay at one of the HF Hotels – you can benefit from discounts in your trips with Cabify.


1.Ask for the discount code at the HF hotel reception desk.

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3. Register – if this is your first time using the Cabify app – or login

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The discount offered is of € 6 per code, to be used in 3 trips – with a discount of € 2 per trip.
You will have the city in your hands, just a click away!

If you have any doubts or need more information, talk to the HF team. They are available to help you.

Make your reservation and start organising your itinerary!

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Isaura releases her debut album “Human” at the HF Fénix Music

On the 5th of June, the official release of Isaura’s album “Human” took place at the HF Fénix Music. This was a special moment for the singer, who was surrounded by her fans, friends and guests.

Lançamento Isaura HF Fénix Music
Isaura | HF Fénix Music

On the 5th of June, the official release of Isaura’s album “Human” took place at the HF Fénix Music. This was a special moment for the singer, who was surrounded by her fans, friends and guests.

The HF Fénix Music was born to provide its guests and locals with musical experiences, right in the heart of Lisbon, making it the perfect stage for the release of Isaura’s debut album.

Isaura, who started her career on the talent show, Operação Triunfo 2010, is today a promising artist in the Portuguese music scene. After composing the song “Jardim”, which represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, she released her debut album with a digital R&B style.

The event took place on a spring evening, with an intimate showcase where ‘Closer’ and ‘Busy Tone’ were heard, two songs that are already playing on the Portuguese radios.

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The private event occurred thanks to the HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal partnership. This event had exclusive entrance for the winners of the contest promoted by the producer, HF Fénix Music guests and special guests, among them, Observador, Sapo, Rui Unas, A Rapariga dos Saltos, Pedro Mateus and Gonçalo Roque.

With this event, the HF Fénix Music reinforces its thematic and youthful positioning, supporting emerging national artists and bringing even more music to the city!

OnTop – One of the best bars and rooftops in Oporto!


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Would you like to start your day with a refreshing dip with the city at your feet? The HF Ipanema Park guests can!

At an altitude of 60 metres, the OnTop, lounge bar and swimming pool, located on the 15th floor of the HF Ipanema Park offers, to those who visit it, one of the best views over the river and the mouth of the Douro.

In addition, this summer season opens with something new! From Thursday to Saturday, you can enjoy the swimming pool, read a book or have a cocktail while listening to the DJ that we chose especially for you! You can’t miss it!

For the general public, the bar opens at 8 pm, so no one will miss out on this incredible scenario! At night, the amazing lights that light up the skyline create the perfect setting that, together with one of our special drinks, will offer unforgettable moments.

From a refreshing gin to our barmen’s delicious cocktails, designed especially for this space, we promise the perfect company for an evening that promises to be incredible.

Curious? We’re waiting for you!

Find out more here.