The HF Fénix Music inaugurates the graffiti of artist Smile

hf fénix music graffiti
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The HF Fénix Music invited artist Smile to make an intervention on one of the hotel’s spaces dedicated to concerts, and the result couldn’t have been more inspiring.

  • “Dream” at the HF Fénix Music

Since its opening, the hotel has always sought to promote the music theme. In 2018, and to celebrate the World Music Day (on the 1st of October), the idea of promoting the artistic language and the environment in the hotel came up.

To put this initiative to action, we’ve decided to invite a local artist. The idea was to “engrave” on a wall a local work of art from our community and from our city.

The graffiti can be found on floor -1 of HF Fénix Music, in the restaurant’s terrace. This area was designed to host concerts, providing our guests with live shows: it has great visibility, which serves as an inspiring “scenery” not only to those having breakfast, but also to those accommodated in rooms with views to the back of the hotel.

For this work, a special technique was used that allows the word “dream” to have a luminous effect at night, after being under solar exposure.

Because music is one of the few things in the world that brings cultures and people together, we sought to strengthen the message of a dream, universality and multiculturalism.

Come visit us and get to know this vibrant and inspiring space.

  • About the Artist

His name is Ivo Santos and he was born in Lisbon in 1985. His interest in design started at a very young age, encouraged by his mother. Through two of his cousins, this interest in art truly transformed into a passion.

In the 1990s, influenced by the movie Beat Street and the sounds of Vanilla Ice, Kriss Kross and MC Hammer, Ivo falls in love with the Hip Hop Culture, pursuing the art of graffiti.

In the beginning of the new millennium, he ventures for the first time into spray painting, with cans bought in a hardware store, using the alias  SMILE.

His national projection began in 2004 when, virtually unknown to the general public, he categorically won the Concurso de Graffiti de Oeiras (Oeiras Graffiti Competition), the most important competition at the time.

Two second places followed, in 2005 and 2006, firmly establishing his name in the Portuguese artistic elite. He became internationally known after winning a competition in Barcelona, competing against great names of international graffiti.

One of the highlights of his activity as a street artist was in 2013, when he portrayed a young man with a complicated medical history on the wall of a building in Loures, generating a media wave of solidarity in aid of the young boy. The wall of “Bartolo” will always be referenced as a case study of how street art can help solve social problems.

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