Escape from tourist tours with a trip with your better-half

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An experience that has everything to go well (apart from a few arguments on the way)!

A group tour is not always the best way to discover a city during your holidays. Besides that, if you want the trip mood to be more romantic, there are alternatives to tours that certainly will remain in your memory as special moments.

  • Picnic in a park or garden

We love this idea in addition to providing a pleasant moment with your better-half, it is an excellent way to enjoy nature together.

Spend some time planning: what to take to eat and drink? Will the weather be nice? What is the best spot?

  • Bike trip through the city

At the Riverside, at the park or in the streets of the city centre, a bike trip is an excellent way to discover more about the city that you choose for your holidays. Get lost in time and space, and enjoy this moment with your better-half.

Tip: take a break and have a refreshing and relaxing drink!

  • Watch the sunset

The sunset is one of the most romantic moments of the day, no doubt about it! It is a thoughful moment, where we can dedicate ourselves to contemplating the beauty and calm of those magical minutes. Whether at the beach, on a rooftop – HF Hotel’s rooftops are an amazing choice! – or at the top of a mountain, don’t miss the opportunity to watch a sunset in your holidays, always with the best company possible.

  • Do an extreme activity

And why not taking a chance with an unconventional plan? Look for a extreme activities in the place of your holidays and experimente something new as a couple. Plenty of ideas: parachute jumping, climbing or sliding. Lokok for an adventure!

  • Share a gastronomic experience

Discovering a new place means, besides visiting monuments, also trying the local food. Book a restaurant where they serve typical food and choose the strangest dishes in the menu. It wil be a memorable moment on your trip!


Do you like our suggestions? Our recommendation it is to travel – a lot – in a romantic manner, with your love, but take some aspects into account. The most importante thing in a trips as a couple is to ensure that the choices are made by the two since the place, the hotels and the type of holidays that both want to have.

Have fun!

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