5 tips for travelling with kids

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We all spend the year thinking about our holidays. But when two become three (or more), plans can change a little bit! 

We can’t deny that travelling with kids is a challenge. But is it really that complicated? To be truly relaxed during your holidays, check out these five tips.

  1. Choose your seat on the plane

Unfortunately, there aren’t many airlines with specific seats for children or babies. If you fly with one of those companies, choose the back seats of the airplane. The seats are usually larger and that area is usually emptier. Besides, you will be closer to the bathrooms and there is always a flight attendant nearby.

  1. Choose a night schedule for long flights

If your flight is a long one, book it for the evening when the children are more tired. This way, the child will sleep during most of the flight. If the flight is short and during the day, take some small toys with you. Choose toys that don’t make noise, so as not to disturb the other passengers. Bring along some of their favourite toys or even new ones to surprise and grab their attention. Two or three are more than enough, you don’t need to bring them all!


  1. Talk to your children

Explain to the kids what will happen during the flight and how they should behave in this type of situation. If they are scared, comfort them and explain that you will always be by their side. Be sure to share the trip’s itinerary with them, which countries you will be visiting and what type of things you will be seeing and doing. This way, they will definitely feel like they are part of this journey and be much more motivated.

  1. Plan activities for the entire family

Choose the trip’s programme taking into account the entire family. Research the best places to visit in the city with children. If you travel to Porto, you must go to Sea Life; and in Lisbon, be sure to check out the Oceanarium.

  1. Choose the perfect hotel

If planning the places to visit and what to do during your trip is essential, making sure your children get proper rest is also a key factor for the success of your trip. Book family-friendly rooms, where there are toys and a place for the children to play and rest comfortably. At the HF Hotels, we have services and spaces dedicated to young children included in our HF Family rooms. In Lisbon or in Porto, choose what’s best for your needs as a family!

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With these tips, what are you waiting for to travel with your kids? Lisbon and Porto are two wonderful cities to visit with your family! We can’t wait to welcome you! And don’t forget: feel at home!

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