The best Portuguese cities to discover as a couple!

The best Portuguese cities to discover as a couple!

Portugal is a country full of romantic destinations, perfect to discover with your better-half. The hard part will be choosing the cities to visit. We feature here the ones that, in our opinion, you cannot miss in your visit to Portugal.


SINTRA (30 km from Lisbon)


When you think about a romantic spot in Portugal, Sintra is the first place that comes to mind. Whether for its magnificent palaces and charming gardens or its historical centre considered World Heritage, no one is indifferent to this wonderful town! Sintra served as inspiration for writers and musicians, who were indulge by its magic and splendour.

Palácio Nacional da Pena (palace): one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. Located on the top of the hill, a perfect symbol of the Portuguese romance, it was one of the residences of the Portuguese royal family.

Quinta da Regaleira: Right in the historical centre of Sintra, it is comprised of a palace and astonishing gardens.

Try the typical dessert – travesseiro de Sintra (puff pastry stuffed with almond cream)


ÓBIDOS (90 km from Lisbon)


A city that is able to charm locals and travellers by its romance and massive beauty. Coming out of a true fairy tale, Óbidos is a medieval town that preserves its historical wall and offers magical and unforgettable experiences that you will keep in your memory.

Castelo de Óbidos: one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. Visit the castle and enter a historical journey, back to the 14th century.

Walls: climb up to the top of the walls and enjoy the amazing views to the infinity.

Taste the typical liqueur – ginjinha – served in a chocolate mini glass.


DOURO (130 km from Oporto)


With a lush natural beauty, Douro is a place that you really must discover in a romantic trip. Here, the world famous Port wine is produced. Its vineyards are part of the amazing scenario of the Douro Valley. The small villages among the landscape and the fantastic hills are an invitation to get to know this breathtaking and romantic province of Portugal.

Boat ride along the Douro river: enjoy a ride between Régua and Pinhão.

Train trip in the Douro line: a unique experience between Peso da Régua and Tua.

Visit one of the Port wine farms

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