Kendrick Lamar fan went to Paris with HF Fénix Music

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André Silva, winner of the contest promoted by the HF Fénix Music and Universal Music Portugal, went to the Paris Summer Jam, to watch the concert of Kendrick Lamar and shared with us his experience!

During July and August, a contest took place in the @hfhotels instagram, where the big winner would win a trip to Paris to watch Kendrick Lamar.

To win the contest, the participants just had to make the most original video replying to the question:

What are you willing to do to watch Kendrick Lamar in Paris?

After some and funny participations, the big winner, André Silva, was willing to swim there and we… gave him a (big) hand!

When André got the news, he couldn’t believe it and was only able to say: “Thank you very much!”

In a privileged spot, André was thrilled when he saw the artist hit the stage! “Highly exceeded expectations , it was great! I loved it! Thank you very much! I’m so happy!”

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