Films and books for those who love travelling!

Films and books that narrate all types of trips, from the most adventurous to the most romantic, spiritual and ridiculous.

They tell stories that inspire us, move us, make us laugh or cry. Check out our recommendations and leave your suggestions too!


Into the wild

Based on the true story of a recente graduate that leaves its belongings to live in the middle of nature in Alaska. The film is about his trip, the people and obstacles he faced and that will shape his way.

On the road

Based on the book by Jack Kerouac, it tells the trip the author took with a friend through the United States.

Eat Pray Love

It tells the story of a woman who decides to take a trip around the world after a painful divorce to find herself.

Little Miss Sunshine

With the goal of taking the youngest daughter to the finals of a beauty contest, a family decides to take a trip full of adventures between New Mexico and California.



The Little Prince, Antonie de Sait-Exupéry

One of the most acclaimed masterpieces, written for all ages, tells the story of a little prince that leaves his world with his flower and goes exploring, travelling from planet to planet, where we discovers the most eccentric characters.

The Great Railway Bazaar de Paul Theroux

Writer of travel literature and North-American novelist, this is his first book and it’s considered his masterpiece. It narrates a four month trip through Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Between River & Sea de Dervla Murphy

The most recente work of the octogenarian writer Dervla Murphy, who has more than two tens of books published about travelling. “Between River & Sea” passionately describes her latest trips to Israel and Palestine.

Night train to Lisbon de Pascal Mercier

A philosophical romance by the swiss writer Pascal Mercier, about a teacher that, after a brief meeting with a Portuguese woman and reading the intriguing Portuguese book “Um Ourives das palavras” (A goldsmith of words) by Amadeu de Prado – which makes him think that is not making the most of his life – decides to abandon everything and catch a train to Lisbon.

Our book exchange corner…


Speaking of Reading, in the HF Ipanema Park hotel we have a space dedicated to the Exchange of books between travellers that choose to stay with us in thei visit to Porto.Visit this space, explores, get inspired and be part of this cultural experience which is already cultivated in many places in the world!



The hotel started this initiative with book forgotten by guests and now we make them available to encourage new dreamers and book lovers that want to make this idea grow.

Don’t Cheat!

Be generous. This space is entirely dedicated to you, so respect the essence of the project by taking a book and leaving another. Our future guests will appreciate!

And inspire others.

Are you leaving your book? How about leaving a small inspirational message for the next reader? You can say where you are from and why you decided to share your book. This will give it a completely diferente and wonderful meaning!

Good Reading!

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