8 tips to take the best travel photos!

Máquina fotográfica

We take photos to eternalise and revisit the past, to return to that place, with those people… Click!

We take photos to once again feel the warm of that afternoon at the beach, the cold outside while we shared stories with our best friends, that smile because of that joke – and we laugh again about it! -, that endless walk, the sunset that followed us hand in hand, the butterflies in the stomach before taking off and the excitement when we land!

It’s the best travel photos that bring us those moments, so we want you to take the best photos back home with you. You can do it using some simple tricks. Try it and enjoy your photos!


#1 Use the local Instagram community:

Besides showing you the best places to take photos, whether the most visited ones, the typical restaurants, the best delicacies, the most beautiful sunset or the most incredible view over the city, instagramers can also reveal the most inhospitable places and the best kept secrets!

#2 New angles, unique photos:

AnglesMake your photo an exclusive, using new perspectives such as the bird’s-eye view or the worm’s-eye view, or even closer to the ground, to highlight the thing you are capturing tor to give more depth to the image.

# 3 Zoom in

Robert Capa, one of the most famous photojournalists in history, said ‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. Take a closer photo or highlight something to make your landscape photos more interesting. For exemple, are you in a restaurante terrace with a fantastic view? Highlight the drink or the plate, with the rest as the background.

# 4 Mesmerising colours and patterns:

PatternsUse black and white when you think the photo will benefit from it or when you want to focus on shapes, for exemple. Otherwise, focus on the colours and patterns you find, especially in the details. In Lisbon or in Porto, for exemple, with the traditional tiles, the urban art and the pictures scructure of the older districts, it won’t be difficult to take mesmerising photos.

# 5 More than taking a photo of a place, tell a story

Take photos of people, whether the locals or those travelling with you, and capture spontaneous, unexpected and usual moments. People tell stories, show emotions and raise curiosity. More than that, they give depth to the image, for example, when it’s a flatter landscape or helping in the perception of scale.

#6 Be mysterious and stimulate curiosity

The patterns and details are two examples you can use to get this result (see #4). However, there are others, such as symmetry, abstract compositions or the so called “frames” (for example, taking a photo of a landscape from a window).

#7 Take advantage of the clouds

PortoTaking photos with the sun can create very interesting results (the silhouette efect, for exemple), but it can be hard in other situations, such as portraits. So, if you see the sky with some clouds, take advantage of those drawings of nature or, for exemple, a sky completely cast with clouds, wich creates a softer light and, like the window light, make for more pleasant portraits.

#8 The reflections

Speaking of weather, take photos of the rain effect, the water reflections or any other reflective surface, as they result in more enigmatic images and create some drama (see #6).

#9 Dawn and Dusk of course:

Dawn and DuskThere’s nothing easier than capturing wonderful moments early in the morning or at the end of the day, both for the ligth (in Lisbon, it’s especially poetic!) and colours or shapes. There is in fact something magical happening at those times of the day!

#10 Take photos of the place you are staying

Mainly of decoration details, furniture or the view from your room, which will bring you memories of your trip. If you are looking for the ideal rooms for your photos, we have hotels in Lisbon and Porto.

Have Fun!

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