Porto Passion | Exclusive recipe for this summer’s best cocktail at Ontop bar

Cocktail Porto Passion
Porto Passion cocktail
Porto Passion cocktail

Summer is for holidays, warm weather, beach and… cocktails!

We’re sharing the recipe for our clients’ favourite cocktail at Ontop bar, so you can try it at home and delight your own guests 😉

If you’re looking for the ideal spot for an unforgettable evening in Oporto, Ontop is the perfect choice. With a swimming pool on the 15th floor of the HF Ipanema Park hotel, it offers a panoramic view over the river and the mouth of the Douro to those who visit. In addition to the view, there is also a diverse menu of classic and signature cocktails.

Porto Passion is one of the cocktails that are part of this summer’s offer at Ontop bar. With a fresh aroma and exotic flavour, Porto Passion is based on a dry Port, combined with passion fruit and the freshness of mint, which gives it a unique flavour and a refreshing touch, created by the bartender Daniel Crespo:

“I like to surprise our guests and I wanted to give them the opportunity to experience other ways to enjoy Port wine. I did some experiments until I arrived at the current recipe. Served very cold, this cocktail combines flavour, freshness and one of the most recognised products of the region, the Port wine.”

Today, this is the favourite cocktail of the HF Ipanema Park guests! Whoever orders it, admits their curiosity regarding the mixing of these flavours and, of course, the entire scenario is an inspiration for local experiences… Nothing better than a rooftop overlooking Oporto!

Anyone who tastes it always asks what the secret ingredient is… and since we like sharing what we do best, we leave you with the recipe (no secrets!) for this summer cocktail, so you can reminisce about unforgettable evenings at Ontop bar.

Go ahead, invite your friends over and introduce them to this Northern delight!

Share your experiences with us using the hashtag #hfontopbar!

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