(Alternative) itinerary of Oporto!


The portuenses or tripeiros are the people that love their city! They are very proud of being born, according to them, in the best city in the world!

If you want to see a tripeiro angry, tell him/her that the best francesinha you ate was in Lisbon or than you prefer Lisbon to Oporto… On the other hand, you are not going to find nicer and more hospitable people, always ready to help you, than at the Invicta! Ah, and don’t forget, a typical day of an inhabitant of Oporto has to include food, a few finos (draught beer) and nice chats with friends in a terrace.

Visit Oporto like a local:

1- After a nice breakfast, go to Bolhão market. Next to the market, you will find Rua de Santa Catarina, walk through it to discover the small shops, more and more rare in Oporto.

2- Only after eating a francesinha, you can officially say you were in Oporto. Close by you will find Café Santiago, which is considered by many the best restaurant to taste this typical Oporto’s dish.

3- Time to help with the digestion, so nothing better than to go for a walk. Go down to Ribeira, but make a small detour to Rua das Flores, where you will find urban art disguised in electricity boxes throughout the entire street. In Ribeira, discover the small street market with antiquities and unique craft pieces.

4- The evening is ending, but you still have time go to Foz to enjoy the end of the evening. Ask for a very cold sangria (suggestion: Praia da Luz terrace) and enjoy a unique sunset.

5- Portugal has the best fish restaurants in the world. In Oporto, the best area to eat grilled fish is Matosinhos, where all the dishes are cooked in the street. So, immerse yourself in the smell and the very relaxed environment. You will find a wide range of restaurants, the hardest part will be to choose!

6- At night, take some time to drink a refreshing caipirinha at Edifício Transparente. And, if you still can take it, go to the “Kasa da Praia” disco club and dance until your feet hurt!

Interesting fact

Do you know why the inhabitants of Oporto are tripeiros?

In 1415, the population of Oporto offered the expedition that left to conquer Ceuta, all the meat available, staying only with the tripas (tripes). With them, they create a dish, which is still typical in Oporto nowadays, Tripas à moda do Porto (traditional stew of beans with meat) and, therefore, the people of Oporto have gained the nickname of tripeiros.

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