(Alternative) itinerary of Lisbon!


To be an alfacinha (little lettuce) is to never miss the popular saints! It is enjoying a drink at Cais do Sodré and knowing that in Careca you eat the best croissants in the world. It is going with your family, on Sundays, to Casa da Guia and take the first dive of the year still in the spring! It is enjoying the sun, beach and sunsets!

Visit Lisbon like a local:

1- Start your day by taking a train to Cascais and have breakfast at Casa da Guia. Enjoy the morning light in this place, because in the evening it tends to be windier.

2- Still in the morning, visit the Rainha beach (located in a small corner in Rua Direita, in Cascais). It is not very known by regular tourists because it is hidden.

3- Follow the coast towards Lisbon and taste the snacks of Boteco da Linha in São Pedro do Estoril. It is a well hidden treasure near the beach.

4- Use this time to take a stroll in the pier near the coast that connects Oeiras to Caxias, and, when you are hungry, stop for a snack, in the place we believe has the best croissants in the world, Careca, in Belém.

5- Continue to the centre of Lisbon and have dinner at the Aromas e Temperos restaurant, in Arroios. It is a very small and cosy restaurant – a small oasis in terms of the combination of flavours.

6- In the evening, take a walk at Cais do Sodré. Go to any bar in this area and have a drink outside chatting with the people around.

Interesting fact

Do you know why the inhabitants of Lisbon are known as alfacinhas (little lettuces)?

There are several theories to explain the reason why the inhabitants of Lisbon are called alfacinhas. However, it is believed that this expression derives from the word alface (lettuce), a word that comes from the Arab, which can indicate the cultivation of the plant started when the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by this people. Legend says that in one of the wars waged, a siege was mounted in the Portuguese capital and lettuce was the only food available to the inhabitants of Lisbon.

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