Cidália Gomes | Growing with HF Hotels since 2003!


Cidália Gomes is one of the most cherished employees of the HF Hotels Group!

She started her career in the Group in 2003; recently graduated, she applied for her internship here, without imagining that 15 years later she would still be working here.

She was admitted to an internship at the HF Ipanema Porto reception in the middle of 2003. In the beginning of 2004, she became a receptionist at the HF Tuela Porto. “When they invited me to work here, I couldn’t believe it. I had always dreamt of working in hotel management! I never dreamed of being a doctor or vet. My dream was always hotel management. When I was little, every time I walked into a hotel, I was mesmerised by the reception areas.”

And, clearly, this was Cidália’s destiny. Later, she became submanager of the HF Fénix Porto reception and then reception manager of the two hotels in Boavista.

Although this was a major responsibility, nothing frightened Cidália! Known as bold and friendly, Cidália leaves no one indifferent.

However, the major challenge was yet to come. In August 2015, she became Operational Coordinator of the HF Fénix Porto and, more recently, in 2018, Operational Coordinator of the HF Ipanema Park, the biggest hotel in the HF Hotels Group, with 281 rooms.

“These were the major challenges I faced, mainly the HF Ipanema Park. A lot of employees, a lot of rooms, a lot of guests… The days here are all different.”

And this is what motivates Cidália, constant new challenges! She says that “At the HF Hotels Group, I grew as a professional. This company helped me to grow professionally”. Therefore, when someone asks her where she imagines herself in the future, she immediately answers: “Here! With new challenges, but always with this big family that is the HF Hotels Group”.

Thank you, Cidália! She is an example for all of us!

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