HF Fénix Lisboa – Discover our completely renovated hotel!

It was in the 1950s that the hotel, which is one of the most emblematic hotels in Lisbon, opened its doors. At the time, the opening was a big event, which caused a great impact on the Portuguese capital.

Photo by Arnaldo Madureira, in a.f.C.M.L. (1960)

This hotel has a rich history and, therefore, also many interesting facts. For example, did you know that some episodes of the famous series “La colección de Cantinflas” were shot in the hotel?

The group acquired the hotel in 1986 and it was the inspiration for the official name of our hotel group, a fact that we are very proud of!

Trying not to lose its distinctive style, the recently renovated HF Fénix Lisboa, adopted more contemporary lines that give it an even more special look.

From the majestic reception area to the wonderful rooms, the entire hotel underwent renovations, so you can start your day with an even bigger smile.

Be fascinated by the photos below and don’t forget to visit us on your next trip to Lisbon!

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