Portuguese – The 5th most widely spoken language in the world!

Portuguese – the 5th most widely spoken language in the world!

No one would say that the language spoken in this small rectangle in the Iberian Peninsula is the 5th most widely spoken language in the WORLD! There are about 250 million native speakers!

The Portuguese language had its origin in Latin. It was officially born in the 12th century and, since then spread all over the world.

There are people who say that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn, due to the many grammatical exceptions and many sounds that are only used in Portuguese. But we don’t want you to use that as an excuse, so check the survival kit above and learn how you can speak Portuguese almost like a native.

Hello – Olá

How are you? – Como está?

Goodbye – Adeus

Thank you – Obrigado

I would like to have another beer – Queria mais uma cerveja


Funny Portuguese expressions

Estou a rapar frio! “I’m shaving cold”, this means it’s very cold.

Vamos fazer uma vaquinha! “Let’s make a little cow”, meaning “Let’s save for this together.”

Podes tirar o cavalinho da chuva. “You can take your horse out of the rain”, meaning “this is never going to happen”

Chorar sobre o leite derramado “Crying over spilled milk”, something you would say when someone can’t get past something, and nothing can’t be done about it.

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